AgWorks is uniquely qualified to assess whether H-2A is a good fit for your business and to address any potential problems before you participate in the program.

We ask that you submit your completed enrollment package no later than 120 days before your seasonal work begins. This lead-time ensures that we have adequate time to evaluate and prepare application materials tailored to your specific labor needs and that any potential problems are addressed before filing.

If you would like to request an enrollment package, please contact one of our knowledgeable management team members today at (229) 559-6879.


If you already have your enrollment code, please select the appropriate option below:

We look forward to helping you throughout the H-2A process to meet your temporary labor needs.

AgWorks Helps You Navigate the Complex H-2A Process

AgWorks is the premier H-2A agent providing personal, expert and ethical services for U.S. growers that depend on seasonal labor in an era of increasing labor complexity.

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What we like best about AgWorks is the attention to detail and the step-by-step process they have developed to guide companies through a very complicated system. They are excellent at what they do and that is why we consider them our trusted H-2B partner.

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Business, IN

We can breathe a little easier at night knowing AgWorks has our back. Their experienced staff provides us with a worry-free service, handling all the details for us so that we only have to proof read, approve and sign.

Vegetable Grower, GA

AgWorks handled all the paperwork and legal hassles and we have had the most profitable year in our 20 years in business. AgWorks handled everything and made it hassle free. I look forward to next year knowing my labor problems are a thing of the past.

Wholesale Horticultural Grower, GA

Using H2 program and AgWorks we have been able to increase production on our farm. With AgWorks taking care of most of the paperwork to get these workers here, it allows me to do what I love, farming.

Vegetable and Fruit Grower, GA

AgWorks has an excellent staff that keeps us updated on the continuously changing laws of the program… without the H2A program, we would not have the work force needed to gather our nearly 4000 acres of vegetables.

Vegetable Grower, GA

I was told Agworks was the best, and Dan’s experience in this field gives them a competitive edge. After one season I can see why. I don’t believe I have ever worked with any company who is as thorough and prompt.

Fruit and Vegetable Grower, AL

We rely heavily on AgWorks to keep us abreast of changes and guide us safely through the various processes. AgWorks staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. We regularly recommend AgWorks for anyone contemplating using the H2A program.

Horticultural Grower, LA

AgWorks takes all the confusion of migrant worker programs and turns it into a well-organized, step-by-step process. The convenience of knowing when to do what and the assurance of having an agent to help you through each step are invaluable.

Greenhouse Grower, NJ

Without the program and AgWorks, we would be out of business. My experience with AgWorks has been more than positive. They always answer the phone and make sound recommendations.

Berry Grower, NC