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Our President, Dan Bremer, and our experienced staff have helped hundreds of employers bring in thousands of reliable, highly productive, legal workers by using the U.S. government's
H-2A or H-2B seasonal guest worker visa programs.

Recent events in Arizona, Georgia and other states are indicative of big changes nationally. We expect that federal legislation making E-Verify mandatory is likely to be passed in the near future. If that happens, the H2 programs will become an even more important resource to employers in industries with large numbers of undocumented workers.

In these difficult times, AgWorks H2, LLC has made new investments in staff and computer systems to maximize employer success with the H-2A and H-2B programs. While neither program is easy, our people and systems ensure that you are kept informed of what you need to know and that our interaction with the government is streamlined to get you the labor you need when you need it.

Click here to enquire about AgWorks H2, LLC's comprehensive, turnkey H2 services, or call Dan at 800-280-8063.